Global Warming Essay Guide for College Students

Writing a global warming essay does not have to be an intimidating task.

The first step in writing a successful essay is understanding the assignment.

If you are being asked to write an argumentative essay, you will need to make an assertion about global warming and then present evidence that supports your position.

If you are being asked to write an informative essay, then the reader should know everything they need to know before they start reading your paper.

The next step in writing a successful global warming essay is getting organized and forming an outline of your ideas. Read on to learn more about the steps for writing a successful global warming essay.

How to write a global warming essay

Just like any other academic essay, start by gathering all of your materials in one place.

This includes an outline, research materials you will use in writing your essay, and anything else you will need to complete it.

I would suggest collecting material such as graphs or images that may help illustrate an idea or prove a point.

You will also want to find sample essays that follow a similar format to what you are going for so that you can use them as inspiration while writing yours.

Follow these steps to ensure that your essay is well-written:

  • Find sources for credible information about the topic
  • Write an intro paragraph introducing the main topic of discussion and its relevance to society
  • Formulate at least two supporting points for each major argument
  • Use logic and factual evidence to back up claims
  • Try to keep from repeating words too often
  • Add some variety in sentence structure
  • Include a conclusion paragraph
  • Use transition words and phrases in the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Appropriate use of transition words will create a seamless flow between ideas.
  • Try not to have long blocks of text without interruptions; use action verbs and descriptive adjectives where possible.

How to write the introduction

Writing an effective global warming essay introduction requires that you grab the reader’s attention immediately.

One way to do this is through personal anecdotes.

Start by stating how you became interested in the topic, then mention how you feel about the subject.

Give examples of why this matters to people today.

Make sure that there is a clear connection between what happened to you and why it’s relevant today.

When writing a global warming essay, it is essential to make the reader care about the subject.

Let them know why they should care about something that has been happening for years now.

Connecting something you experienced to why it’s relevant now makes the essay much more compelling and memorable.

Some possible topics could be what life was like when we used coal instead of natural gas, or how life changes when glaciers melt and oceans rise.

These two examples show how the environment impacts humans and their lifestyles.

A global warming essay introduction is not complete without a thesis statement.

It is best to introduce the thesis statement early on in the essay, preferably within the first few sentences.

This helps set up your arguments and get readers excited about reading on!

You can formulate your thesis statement based on what you discovered during research or whatever stands out most to you.

Remember that a good thesis statement should be strong enough so that it could support a whole paper.

For example, climate change caused by deforestation would work but climate change that contributes to deforestation wouldn’t because it lacks specificity.

Body Paragraphs for a global warming essay

The essay’s body is the largest section and can be difficult to write.

There are a few things you will want to remember while writing your body paragraphs.

First, be clear and concise.

Writing in a simple, straightforward manner will improve your essay’s readability.

In addition, use transition words and phrases to connect your thoughts together in an organized fashion.

Transition words allow the reader to follow along more easily as you move from one idea to another.

It is important to use logical, statistical, and scientific data in a global warming essay. Include quotes from experts in the field that provide credibility for your essay.

Good body paragraphs will include a topic sentence, several supporting points, and a concluding statement .

Always write a topic sentence that is specific and reflective of the thesis statement. Supporting points should be backed up with facts and detail.

A concluding statement that reflects on what you said in the body paragraphs is always a nice touch. Think of what question you wanted to be answered after reading the essay.

This provides a summary and leaves the reader satisfied at the end. Lastly, be aware of any grammar mistakes or typos that may interfere with meaning.

How to write a global warming essay conclusion

The concluding paragraph of a global warming essay is a great place to summarize the main points of your essay.

This is your chance to leave the reader feeling engaged and enlightened.

Bring it together in a neat package that ties everything you’ve discussed throughout the essay.

The last sentence of your conclusion should reiterate what the main point of your essay is, especially if it changed throughout the course of the body paragraphs.

Again, be careful to avoid any grammatical errors or typos that might cause confusion.

Here are more tips to consider when writing a global warming essay conclusion:

  • End the essay by reflecting on what you learned and felt.
  • Use transition words to make the conclusion flow
  • Tell the reader what you think should be done to combat global warming.
  • Offer solutions that you believe are plausible and reachable.

 Essay Examples

Causes of global warming essay

An essay about the causes of global warming should be consistent with your thesis.

It’s also important to be clear, concise, and organized so that it’s easy for readers to follow along.

An effective conclusion will leave a lasting impression in your reader’s mind.

There are a few other main things you’ll want to remember when writing the causes of global warming essay:

  • Never forget to give credit where credit is due. Quote from credible sources who have first-hand knowledge of the situation whenever possible.
  • Make sure you do enough research before starting an essay to make sure your argument has merit and isn’t just opinionated.
  • Keep it succinct! You don’t need every single little detail in order to make a convincing argument; if something doesn’t pertain directly to the issue, leave it out.
  • Make sure you edit!

Remember just like any other paper, a cause of global warming essay needs a good introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

Consider the format for a cause and effect essay when writing your global warming essay and ask the following questions:

  • What type of effects does this cause have on people and nature?
  • What are some probable effects down the road if no action is taken to stop global warming?
  • What would happen if we took action against global warming now?
  • Would there still be a negative impact on the environment and society?

Lastly, take time to be thorough and thoughtful, and remember to stick to your thesis.

How to write an argumentative global warming essay

Argumentative essays about global warming are critical for setting up your thesis and proving your point.

Keep these elements in mind as you write your essay:

  • Take time to plan out what you want to argue. What are your main points, and what information will help you prove them?
  • Organize all of your thoughts into an outline with clear headings
  • Make sure your argument has a lot of substance.
  • You should never try to prove a claim simply by saying it is or repeating something another source has said.
  • Your evidence must come from reliable and credible sources.

Remember, an argumentative global warming essay should start with a strong introductory paragraph that defines the main topic and highlights what the essay will be about.

Next, you should proceed to develop your argument in a series of logically ordered paragraphs. The conclusion should recap the main arguments of your essay.

Also, double-check to make sure that your grammar and spelling are correct!

Essay about Climate change and global warming

The other type of essay about global warming may center on the relationship between climate change and global warming.

In this type of essay, it might be more appropriate to compare and contrast various viewpoints.

This kind of essay might also be more argumentative than explanatory.

A climate change and global warming essay should include a strong introductory paragraph and a concluding paragraph.

When outlining your essay, organize your argument in a logical sequence of sentences, making sure to introduce each major idea in its own sentence.

Organizing your argument in this way will keep your essay flowing and prevent it from being confusing.
Be sure to cite credible, authoritative sources.

Use cite commands throughout the text to properly attribute the author of a quote.

This will allow you to avoid plagiarism and ensure that you are crediting the work of others appropriately.

If you’re going to argue against any possible link in your climate change and global warming essay, then you need to do so with careful research.

Arguing that climate change isn’t really based on a few articles is likely not enough.

Instead, find credible sources (such as government agencies and national scientific bodies) who agree with your perspective.

The key here is sourcing—if you aren’t citing your sources correctly, then it’s unlikely that your argument will hold up.

Final Remarks

Writing a global warming essay can be very easy if you know how to present your views clearly and concisely.

Know what you want to say before starting the essay, figure out how to make your main points believable, don’t rely on just one source to back your argument, and end your essay with a concluding paragraph.

Your readers will judge you by your writing skills, so it’s important that they are able to read and understand your point of view in an organized manner.

This isn’t something that you can achieve unless all of your information is properly cited within the text of your paper.

Make sure that each claim is supported by credible sources so that it doesn’t appear like opinion instead of fact!

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