Research Problem Statement Examples for Students

Problem statement examples can be the best way to learn how to write one of your own!

A good example problem statement should have a clear and concise research topic.

It should provide an explanation of what is currently known about the topic, and it should also give a clear explanation of what is unknown or not well understood about that topic.

It should also offer some insights into what makes this research project a good choice for someone who wants to make progress in this area.

Read on for more examples of research problem statements.

What is a Problem Statement?

A problem statement is a short, clear explanation of the issue to be researched.

It sets out the central question that the research will attempt to answer.

The problem statement should be as specific as possible and indicate what key issues that need solving.

These are important because it lets people know what you are researching about and it also helps set up your focus points on where you need to do more research in order to find an answer.

A problem statement needs to be written before doing any form of research or experimentation.

You may have many things going through your head about what exactly the problem is but it’s important to write them down so that you can see all your thoughts clearly laid out in front of you before moving on with any form of research.

How to Write a Problem Statement

Writing a research problem statement is a relatively simple process if you know what to include.

There are certain steps that must be followed in order to ensure a successful outcome.

At the very basic, you need to start by choosing a topic (what is unclear or unknown) and briefly describe the current understanding of it.

Here are detailed steps :

  • Pick a topic – The aim here is to come up with something as specific as possible.
  • Introduce what is already known about the topic- In this part of the statement, you want to include anything and everything related to your topic
  • Introduce what isn’t known about the topic- Once again, be sure to be as specific as possible when talking about these aspects.
  • Explain why this research is important- Ultimately, these four points should outline why your particular research problem statement warrants attention. The main point here is to convince your reader that they want to invest their time and resources into this research project.
  • Clearly lay out the goals of the research- It’s really important to state upfront what your hopes are with this research and what outcomes you’re looking for.

Problem statement examples

Example of Problem Statements in Research

The problem statement examples listed below show just how diverse research topics can be.

If you don’t yet have a definite idea for your topic, try browsing through these examples and selecting one that interests you most.

They’ll help you get started on developing your own research problem statement.

Problem statement example in business

The basic idea in business research is to examine a certain situation and determine whether changes should be made or not.

For example, an electronics company may want to improve its sales.

They would need a hypothesis (which is just another word for question) to formulate a plan of action.

In order to do that, they would need more information about how best to achieve success in sales.

They could find out by making surveys of current customers, asking for opinions on products and prices, and so on.

A good business research paper problem statement starts off with a general overview of the topic being discussed and what has been done about it in the past.

Then there is typically a paragraph that goes into detail on how this new study can provide new insight.

Finally, there is a paragraph that outlines different potential benefits to society from completing this study successfully.

Here is an example of a generic business research problem statement:

There are three types of consumers: hardcore gamers, casual gamers, and non-gamers. Hardcore gamers purchase at least six games per year while casual gamers purchase less than six games per year. Non-gamers rarely buy games at all. This shows that there is still some confusion over who does what and how much money they spend on games each year. It’s clear that more analysis needs to be conducted before we make any decisions about marketing our product. As such, the goal of this research will be to determine how many video games each type of consumer buys per year, and the average price they pay for those games. We will also look at other factors like gender, age range, education level etc., to see if there are any correlations between them and game purchases. By gaining this information, we will be able to better target our advertising and potentially increase sales. The first step in the research is to analyze customer data from last year. This includes games bought, the number of hours played, and the genre preferences of each type of gamer. From this data, we are going to create a model that predicts how many games are likely to be purchased in the coming years based on the previous data.

Example problem statement in education

In education, researchers may conduct a study on different methods of teaching students.

Then they would need to write up their findings and present them in a research paper.

For example, let’s say there is a debate between two ways of teaching grammar: more traditional approaches vs. newfangled ones like video games and technology.

The researcher conducting such a study could look at school districts with different approaches and find out which ones yield better results based on standardized tests that measure grammar skills.

The problem statement they would come up with would start off by describing the existing debate on teaching grammar and the various methods that are currently in use.

The next paragraph would describe the researcher’s own approach to solving this problem, including their research questions, hypotheses, and how they will go about testing for accuracy.

The final paragraph would describe what can be learned from this study and how successful this research might be.

Here is a sample paragraph for the same :

Teaching grammar is a heated issue, and there are many schools that are looking for the right way to teach it. Some schools rely on more traditional methods of teaching, and others use newer strategies like video games and interactive media. There is much disagreement as to which is the best method which has led to poor evaluation of the quality of each strategy. That is why this research study is being conducted to test the effectiveness of these methods and answer the following questions: 1. Which strategy yields better results when tested against standardized tests? 2. Which strategy is easier for teachers to implement? 3. Which strategy yields higher student performance? 4. Which strategy causes fewer student complaints? The goals of this research are to answer these four questions and thus, help schools choose a suitable teaching method for their environment. The first step will be to evaluate both the old-fashioned and contemporary methods of teaching grammar against a set of standardized tests. The second step will entail asking teachers to rate which one is easier to implement, produces better student outcomes, and elicits fewer complaints from students. With this knowledge in hand, schools can finally choose the most effective technique for their curriculum without having any doubts or uncertainty.

Problem statement example in nursing research

Writing a nursing research problem statement is a little different because the process is not a black-and-white issue.

One must take into account the context of the study in order to create an appropriate problem statement.

If, for instance, I were studying depression among elderly patients with heart disease, my goal would be to assess whether depression treatment leads to improved mortality rates among this population.

To do so, I would compare depression treatment with usual care for heart disease and analyze the effect on mortality rates.

Here is an example problem statement for nursing research about depression:

Depression is a common but often overlooked complication among hospitalized elderly patients. Previous studies have shown that depression correlates with poorer health outcomes and increased mortality risk. Though most physicians routinely screen for depression, few offer treatment to those who screen positive; moreover, screening algorithms vary widely across hospitals. This creates the dilemma of whether the provision of depression treatment to depressed elderly patients improves health outcomes and reduces mortality. Previous evidence suggests that it does, but this question is still debated. This study will investigate the correlation between providing comprehensive depression treatment to depressed hospitalized elderly patients and subsequent changes in health outcomes. It is hypothesized that comprehensive, evidence-based intervention improves all-cause and cardiovascular-related morbidity and reduces all-cause mortality. The study will also examine whether the intervention impacts objective physical health measures (such as body mass index) and psychosocial functioning (such as anxiety and quality of life). This study will generate data to inform decisions about which interventions should be offered in future clinical guidelines for the treatment of depression in hospitalized older adults.

Final Remarks

The problem statement examples listed above are just some of the many possibilities for conducting research in various fields.

There are many other possible options available depending on what you are looking to study or what you are researching for your field.

You can always use these examples as starting points and modify them according to your needs or interests!

Remember a good problem statement is concise and specific while being broad enough to provide direction for the entire project.




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